Customer Care

Gtechniq Platinum & Crystal Serum Customer Care Guide


Your car has now been prepared to the Gtechniq Platinum, Crystal Serum or Gold standard by an authorised service professional.

But did you know, with just a little care and effort it’s easy to keep it this way indefinitely?

The coatings applied to your car means that as well as looking great you also get incredibly low maintenance Smart Surfaces. These require less cleaning, and much less effort to clean.

Ongoing care is simple, easy and rewarding.

This handy guide will help you realise your expectations of the Gtechniq Platinum & Gold system.

Caring for your car and maintaining your Gtechniq coating:


Products needed: Gtechniq G-Wash, warm water, 1 microfibre mitt, 1 sponge & a Gtechniq drying towel or very soft synthetic chamois

Avoid washing your car in direct sunlight.

Always begin washing on the upper surfaces (roof, bonnet, boot) and work your way down, rinsing your sponge in clean water as you go to release dirt & grit.

Wash the lower sections of bodywork and wheels last, especially the lower sides, around the exhaust, wheel arches and wheels.

Brake dust is highly abrasive so a great idea is to have another sponge (a different colour from your first) and keep it exclusively for cleaning your wheels.

We recommend using G-Wash shampoo for cleaning your car.

Never apply detergents directly to bodywork or your microfibre mitt / sponge.

Never use a real leather chamois for drying, these are too harsh for modern paints and scratch and marr the surface. Microfiber drying cloths are much softer, far more absorbent, and therefore require much less effort.

Don’t scrub or use any force when drying. Simply lay the drying cloth across the surface and pull it towards you.


Bird droppings & other corrosive deposits.

Always wash off bird droppings, bat droppings, bug impacts and tree sap as soon as possible (within 48 hours), as these can be highly corrosive. Use plenty of clean water to loosen and soften deposits. Avoid scrubbing or scratching.

Swirl marks

The familiar spider web style patterns of micro-scratches that appear over time on a car’s paintwork are almost entirely caused by the scrub action of washing. The harder you scrub, the more often you do it, the more swirl marks you generate.

The 3S coatings on your car eliminate the need for harsh scrubbing. But if you find that you’re losing the battle, they can easily be removed. Speak to your Gtechniq detailing professional to find the most appropriate product. Gtechniq W2 is a great product to remove any tough spots.

Ongoing care

Hydrophobic (water repelling) surfaces can wear down over time due to the environment. The protective layer will still be there but the beading may be reduced. To extend or re-activate the beading nature of your Gtechniq Platinum/Gold paint sealant, simply spray Gtechniq C2 onto the paint surface and wipe off the residue with a microfibre cloth. Gtechniq C2 will extend the hydrophobic nature of your Platinum/Gold Paint Protection indefinitely. We recommend you use the Gtechniq C2 every six months to maintain optimum sealant efficiency.


  • We recommend Gtechniq W2 Universal Cleaner for stubborn stains
  • Never Rub – Always blot
  • Spillages and spots must be dealt with immediately, blot up liquids using tissues, paper towels or absorbent material
  • If stain has dried, use Gtechniq W2 Universal Cleaner as per directions
  • Regular cleaning of the Leather & Vinyl is essential to assist in keeping it stain free
  • Gtechniq W2 Universal Cleaner is available from the dealer you purchased the product from.

W2 Dilution recommendations

Fibreglass   10:1
Air conditioners   10:1
Driveways   10:1
Paint oxidation   5:1
Window cleaner   20:1
Carpet   7:1
Grease   2:1
Heel marks   5:1
Grills   5:1
Walls   20:1
Counters   10:1
Stainless steel   20:1
Outdoor furniture   20:1
Vinyl   10:1
Hoods   5:1
Chrome   20:1
Tools   10:1
Smoke films   10:1
Alloy wheels   10:1
Cloth furniture   10:1
Leather   10:1
Wax stripping   5:1
Steam cleaning   50:1
Engine bays   1:1

How to clean your interior surface

Routine cleaning should include the quick vacuuming with a soft brush head. This should be the first step to interior cleaning unless one has a reason to bypass it.

The second step involves a clean towel and a bowl of lukewarm water mixed with an appropriate cleaner. We recommend W2 Universal Cleaner as a safe cleaner, One will also need a separate bucket of water without soap and a third bucket.

The process works like this: dip the towel into the W2 soapy water, wring it out until it is moist but not dripping wet, and then clean surface. Dip the dirty rag into the water and wring it out into the empty bucket. Repeat the dip and wring process as many times as necessary to ensure that the towel is clean. It may be necessary to refill the water-only bucket more than once to ensure that the towel can be kept clean. Once the towel is clean, commence the procedure again with the next area.

For leather, vinyl and fabric we recommend a 10:1 solution of water and W2 Universal Concentrate Cleaner. Carpet we recommend 7:1 solution of water to W2 Universal Concentrate Cleaner.


Gtechniq Platinum Smart Surface Science products were developed with the time poor person in mind. Everyone wants to have a beautiful looking car but nobody has the time to maintain their asset appropriately. Having chosen Gtechniq systems, you now have easy maintenance surfaces that with a little effort will stay that way indefinitely....

W2 Universal Cleaner – The best spot remover you’ll ever try:

W2 follows our philosophy of only producing a product that we are certain offers something unique to the market. The stains Gtechniq W2 can remove from paint, fabric and leather upholstery to name a few is astonishing.  Once tried we guarantee you will have a lot more space in your garage and under your sink as you replace several products with Gtechniq W2!

C2 Liquid Crystal Surface enhancer – Revitalises the beading effect of Platinum & Gold Paint Sealant:

Based on pure monomolecular silicium (SI14), C2v3 is a non-yellowing, high gloss, dirt repelling coating that cross-links with all surfaces of your car including bodywork, glass and trim enhancing the hydrophobic nature of your Platinum/Gold paint sealant for as much as 6 months with an exceptionally easy non smearing application.


We guarantee that Gtechniq G-Wash will make you completely reassess what a cleaning product is capable of. Typical dilution rates are obsolete when comparing them with Gtechniq G-Wash.

Using innovative techniques, Gechniq G-Wash has created a product that produces rich, stable foam at an unbelievable dilution rate of 400:1. Its biodegradable formula safely and effectively lifts dirt and grime off all surfaces.

MF1 Microfibre Cloth:

Microfibre cloths are a detailing commodity.  Our microfibers are made from super soft microfibre cloth and will not introduce any scratches or marring to even the softest of paint finishes and work with any of our coatings and polishes.

MF2 Microfibre Drying Towel:

The Gtechniq Drying Towel is the easiest way to avoid the single most common cause of paint swirl marks: natural leather chamois. Bound with a soft satin edge these microfibre towels absorb 7 times their own weight in water and can easily dry a large car without ringing out.